How To Rip High Quality MP3 to iTunes from Vinyl
Below is the exact formula to use to obtain high quality MP3s from Vinyl. I purchased the ADS USB Midi converter from ThinkGeek however after much experimentation I realized that my old PowerPC 8600 is still unsurpassed. You can pick one up for $300 and it is well worth it. Now dig this and rip:


Diskwasher Pampered Vinyl -> ADC Integra needle -> Technics SD3 Turntable -> Kenwood KR-A70 Receiver -> EQ -> RCA out -> RCA in -> PowerPC 8600 -> SoundEdit16 v2 -> WinXP/Pro -> Nero -> iTunes iRip


Here's what it'll cost ya:
Diskwasher - Hard to come by, if you don't already have one good luck.
ADC Integra XLMIII: $36.95
PowerPC 8600: $300 or less
Techniques SD3: No longer manufactured. The SL-1200 MK2 is comperable at $549 new.
Kenwood KR-A70: $50 used.
SoundJam: For Mac: FREE
WinXP/Pro: You probably already have this...
Nero: Great audio editing sofware and FREE.
iTunes: FREE!


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